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Our Focus is Your Well-Being

Yoga will improve your well-being by increasing your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and mental health.

Our Hatha yoga classes are designed for beginner to intermediate practitioners.  We focus on the process of the posture rather than the attainment of the "perfect" pose.

We offer classes every weekday and use a class card system so you are only charged when you attend.

Visit our 
CLASSES page for more details.

Benefits of Yoga
Our outer self: increases physical balance, muscular strengthening, and coordination while developing long, lean muscles.

Our inner self: improves joint range of motion, flexibility, and posture which allows internal organs to function properly. Improves circulation and pulmonary function.

Our emotional self: relieves stress, increases emotional balance, lessening mood swings, and anxiety.

Benefits of a Group Setting
A certified instructor challenges and motivates individuals.  Participants need no prior knowledge or experience because sequences are safely and effectively designed, and the instructor is there to coach proper form and technique.

Encouragement from peers provides that extra boost to get you to class.  The group aspect adds fun and an accountability factor.

Variety in any exercise program is important because the body adapts to a routine that is repeated.  It's challenging to think of new postures when you practice alone.  Sequences designed by an instructor keep the body guessing, and, therefore, progressing.

Located at 424 Locust Street in Chillicothe, MO.

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